Employment Law Attorney Memphis

Losing your job can be a traumatic event for you and your family, especially in these difficult times. And, with all of the complex federal and state laws, it can be difficult for both workers and employers to know what their rights are in the workplace.

Are you protected under Title VII for race, age, or sex discrimination? Were your Family Medical Leave rights violated when you took time off work to care for a loved one? Were you given proper notification of your right to continuation of health insurance coverage after you were terminated? Have you been discriminated against because of a disability? Are you being propertly compensated for an on-the-job injury? Were you sexually harassed on the job? Did you employer adhere to the implied duty of good faith and fair dealing? Are you a whistleblower? Has a contract been breached? Do you need help negotiating a severance agreement? What are the limitations of a non-compete agreement?

I have represented workers on all of these types of claims, against private companies, governmental bodies, and not-for-profit entites. I have also advised employers on how to make sure they understand and follow the laws, to review contracts, and to resolve disputes.

I recall the fear in the eyes of the female secretary at the state legislature who told me confidentially that staff members had been harassed by some legislators. I always kept her name secret. And, I stood up to many of those same colleagues to pass a state law to protect against sexual harassment.

As a state legislator, I worked to reform Tennessee’s worker’s compensation laws. As an attorney, I’ve helped injured workers receive compensation when injured on the job.

My clients have included factory workers, nurses, secretaries, a postal employee, a truck driver, sales personnel, hourly workers, and managers.

Carol Chumney successfully sued the government on a wrongful termination, retaliation, whistleblower, age and reverse discrimination case for a Client who was a manager, and settled the case with backpay (at a confidential amount) and a relocation of Client to a comparable job.

Client, was terminated by a large plant when she filed an internal complaint to report workplace abuses. Carol Chumney filed suit in federal court for sex discrimination, and mediated a confidential settlement.

Client suffered an on the job injury when a baggage cart hit him. He had cervical strain, a contusion, and injuries to his ankle. Carol Chumney successfully sued, and negotiated a settlement at a confidential amount.