Family Law- Temporary Support in Divorce Proceedings

In Shelby County, Tennessee, after a divorce Complaint is filed, a party may seek temporary child support or alimony to be paid until the case is concluded and a Final Decree of Divorce is entered. If there are children, then a parent can move for temporary child support and the Judge will refer the matter to the Divorce Referee for a hearing. At the hearing the parties will bring proof of their income, payments for health insurance for the minor children and child care.

Sometimes one party is working and the other party is not, or there is a disparity in the incomes of the parties. One of the parties may move for temporary support in the form of alimony to assist with living expenses and attorneys’ fees during the prosecution of the suit. The matter will be referred to the Divorce Referee by the Court for a hearing on the income of the parties, the expenses of the parties, and the ability of each party to pay, along with other factors.

Either party can appeal the Divorce Referee’s ruling to the Judge for further review.

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