Some Basics How Child Support is Calculated in Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Human Services (“DHS”) has set up a child support worksheet form that assists with the calculation of child support.

In order to complete the worksheet, the number of days each parent has with the minor child or children must be entered. A noncustodial parent may be entitled to a credit on the worksheet if the number of days exceeds the standard parenting time of 80 days for that parent.

The parties’ gross monthly income is entered in separate columns and the percentage of support each parent is responsible for is determined based upon their proportional incomes. For example if one parent earns $3000 a month, and the other earns $2000 a month gross income, the first parent is responsbile for 60% and the other parent 40%.

The parent paying for health insurance for the minor child or children is given a credit for that monthly payment. Either parent paying child care expenses is also entitled to a credit for that monthly expense.

Deviations from the final number may be made on the worksheet for special needs children which must be substantiated by written findings in the Court’s Order.

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