October 6

What is Marital Property Under Tennessee Law? – Part II

Marital property can also include a personal injury, workers compensation, social security disability action and other settlements for wages lost during the marriage, reimbursement for medical bills incurred and paid with marital property, and property damage to marital property. Under the law, when deciding whether another spouse has substantially contributed to the increase in value.

October 5

What is Marital Property under Tennessee Law- Part I

Tenn. Code Ann. 36-4-121 (b) defines marital property. Under (b)(1), marital property includes: All real and personal property acquired by either spouse during the marriage until the date of the divorce hearing. If one spouse tries to convey property fraudulently before the complaint for divorce is filed, then it may also be deemed to be.

October 2

Some Basics on Valuing a Personal Injury Claim

So you’ve been injured in an automobile accident. While there are many factors to consider in determining the value of your claim, here are some things that will be considered. First is the issue of liability. Was it a rear-end collision to your vehicle, who got the ticket, are there allegations that you did something.

October 1

What Are the Duties of An Executor When a Loved One Has Passed?

In the aftermath of a family tragedy with the passing of a loved one, you may be the one that has the responsibility to administer the deceased’s Estate. You will need to file a Petition with the Court to be appointed Executor and produce the Will of the deceased if there is one. Once appointed,.

September 30

Some Basics How Child Support is Calculated in Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Human Services (“DHS”) has set up a child support worksheet form that assists with the calculation of child support. In order to complete the worksheet, the number of days each parent has with the minor child or children must be entered. A noncustodial parent may be entitled to a credit on.

September 29

So You Want to Start a Tennessee Non-profit Organization?

To start your nonprofit organization, you will need to decide the purpose of the organization and the incorporators (which can be just you). Articles of Incorporation are the Charter for your group and must be submitted to the Tennessee Secretary of State for approval. You must identify the orgnanization’s agent for service of process who.