Nov 6

Why hire a trustworthy lawyer for a personal injury case?


So, you’ve been the victim of a rear-end collision. After the emergency room treatment, you start getting calls from some medical providers and perhaps letters from attorneys wanting to assist you with your claim. The insurance company adjuster is trying to get a statement from you. You are without a car because it was totalled. There is an easy way to stop the calls, have your case resolved, and recover what you are entitled–retain a trustworthy attorney.

The attorney’s job includes identifying witnesses and evidence that will assist you in the event you proceed to trial, get copies of your medical and billing records to help you evaluate the value of your claim, and negotiate with the various insurance companies involved and medical providers who want reimbursement for services rendered and assert what is called a subrogation lien. Most medical providers usuallly reduce the amount of their subrogation lien to settle the case. However, trying to handle these negotiations without the assistance of an attorney can be time-consuming and may not ensure that you are protected from any later collection actions.

You must file your lawsuit within a year from the date of your accident. If you have an attorney, the insurance adjuster will know that you are serious about filing suit if the matter is not settled. Having an attorney may assist you with obtaining a better settlement, even though you will be paying the attorney a fee from the settlement proceeds. If the case does not settle, you have the attorney to move forward with depositions and trial preparation, and to try the case before a jury.

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